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Guest Blogger Julie Kimock on doing what you were made to do!

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

I was listening to an interview with Glennon Doyle the other day and in it, she said:

“There is nothing more painful than seeing someone else doing what you were created to do”

No quote has ever struck me quite like that one did that day.

I’ve seen people start businesses online, and in my heart I so badly wanted to have a seat at that “table”, but my mind told me for a really long time that it could never happen. 

Glennon was right. There truly is nothing more painful than watching someone else live a life you so desperately want for yourself. The days go by and you refuse to take action, because you have fully convinced yourself that “they” just got lucky…and you, well you…are unworthy…and don’t have the skills and connections they have. You don’t have the same talent.

After years of sitting on the sidelines, I realized one day, that the only difference between the girl living out her dream and me, was that she decided to ignore the fear and show up anyways. 

I knew right then and there that it wasn’t anything external that was holding be back from living this life I had so desperately craved, it was me. I stood in my own way.

I believe wholeheartedly that the universe is constantly sending us signals to move towards our destiny and if we ignore the signs, they just get louder and more painful until you can’t ignore the calling any longer. 

That’s what happened to me.

The universe spoke to me in many ways, and for a while I ignored it. I talked myself out of “playing big” as Tara Mohr says, but eventually it got too painful to sit on the sidelines. 

It’s been a long journey to get here, but now I wake up every day knowing that I am where I am supposed to be. I am excited to show up for myself…excited to show up for work…excited to see what magic I can create in the hours that lie ahead. That is living.

Don’t wait until it hurts to move. Move scared, move uncertain, just move. 


Julie Kimock is a writer, a mom, content creator, social media strategist, design guru, and the creator of The Redefined Soul and Julie Kimock Designs. You can find her on Instagram at @juliekimockdesigns. Be sure to follow Julie for more!

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